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Know someone who needs to get a handle on their weight, sleep or UV exposure? There’s a timepiece for that.
Technology for the wrist abounds with range of price points. And interest continues to grow as consumers turn to the devices to keep tabs on their activities, music and connections. Smartwatch shipments around the world increased by 37 percent in the second quarter compared to the same period last year.
Here are some of the best smartwatch options to help you make the most of your time.

One61 Studio Wonder Woman Smartwatch
Track your steps and sleep, and monitor your rate with Princess Diana of Themyscira. The themed piece features notifications, music and camera controllers, phone dialer and voice assistant integration and five character-inspired faces.

Huami’s Amazfit Stratos
This GPS smartwatch with scratch-resistant tempered glass and a durable silicone strap tracks 12 sports, including triathlon, mountaineering, swimming, cycling, tennis, soccer and trail running. It also measures maximum oxygen consumption, exercise load and recovery time.

Kronaby Carat
Fused with Bluetooth-enabled features including a safety mode, camera remote shutter, activity tracker, music controls, and customizable filtered notifications, this piece replaces the digital screen with a standard watch face. Like all the pieces in the Kronaby Collection, it has a battery that lasts up to two years, the Walk Me Home safety feature with a preset emergency contact for notification of your location with a tap of the watch, and pairs with your If This Then That account to control your lights, adjust temperature, turn on your security system and open your garage door.

Fossil Q Venture HR
This fourth-generation smartwatch includes untethered GPS, Google Pay-compatible NFC and swim-proof functionality. Heart rate monitoring is integrated into the design, showing users their beats per minute on the watch face at a quick glance.
The 24-hour battery can be fully charged in an hour.


Muse Minimo Hybrid Smartwatch
The one-year battery life on this watch will keep features accessible, including sun UV intensity tracking, activity tracking and contactless NFC payments. It also triggers emergency calls to loved ones with the press of a button. For a bit of fun, tracked activities generate rewards for use in the mobile game PlanetWatch.

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro
This Dual-screen smartwatch from AI company Mobvoi comes with Wear OS and lasts five to 30 days on a single charge. Essential Mode allows for seeing time date, step counting and heart rate monitoring.The data syncs when the watch is switched to Smart Mode.
Features include health and fitness tracking, GPS and NFC payments, Google Assistant, music streaming and  access to thousands of apps directly downloadable through the on-watch Google Play Store.

This smartwatch is designed specifically for seniors and those with special needs; with remote monitoring of  heart rate, sleep quality and an SOS option in case of emergencies. GPS tracking keeps wearers connected to their loved ones and alerts them to falls. And two-way calls can be made to family members, caretakers or an emergency center with the tap of the screen.

Apple Watch Series 4
Offering a 30 percent larger screen and its thinnest body yet, Apple Watch Series 4 offers the first-ever built-in EKG scanner – the first such over-the-counter EKG product available to consumers. It can track and detect heart issues, as well as offer plenty of biofeedback for athletes. It also auto-detects falls and can call emergency services to assist you – a huge asset for older users.

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