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Fitness is foremost on the minds of Americans and our interest tends to peak in the new year, which makes the holidays a perfect time to take a look at exercise related offerings to help loved ones to keep those resolutions.
Here are some options from apparel to trackers to enhance their workouts.

Polar Vantage M
Geared toward athletes focused on improving their performance, this training watch can be customized to more than 130 sports. It provides metrics that guide athletes to their ideal amount of training – informing them when they’re under- or over-training. In addition to insight into personal performance, workload and recovery management, the device uses three sensors to provide an accurate heart rate. Coaches can add to the workout plan and view the wearer’s data.

Alignmed Posture Shirt
Alignmed posture enhancing garments accelerate your workout results. They help your muscles work, even when at rest. Pro athletes use them while playing, for protection and recovery.


ActivMotion Bar
The hollow weighted ActivMotion Bar is partially filled with ball bearings that shift dynamically within, causing more stability and core muscles to work as the bar is being lifted. The result is better balance, more core strength and higher calorie burn since more muscles are working to stabilize the shifting bar.

Healbe’s GoBe2
The GoBe2 counts digested calories automatically, as well tracks heart rate, steps, sleep, and hydration; providing deeper insight into the quality, quantity, frequency, and duration of your nutrition, rest and stress.

NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle
This home bike keeps motivation high and workouts efficient with LiveCast Streamed Workouts on its Smart HD rotating touchscreen displays. The iFit personal trainers can remotely control the bike’s incline, decline and resistance during the at-home workout. An Autobreeze Workout Fan automatically changes its speed to match your workout intensity.

The Polk Boom Bit
Keep the music close to your body with this tiny Bluetooth speaker, designed to play just the right amount of music for your workout while drowning out surrounding noise. Or use it to take hands-free calls. It attaches to shirts, backpacks or helmet straps.

YogaClub Subscription Box
This women’s fitness apparel subscription box provides designer activewear from the likes of Teeki, Manduka, Free People, Onzie and Varley -- at half the retail price and styled on personality and favorite workouts. Each box contains on average $160 worth of yoga and workout apparel and funds yoga and meditation education for elementary school children.
$89 for a one-time gift, $79 for a monthly subscription, $89 for a quarterly subscription at YogaClub.com

The Muscle Hustle Fitness Crate
The set from men’s gifts curator Man Crates provides SKLZ Core Wheels, an adjustable jump rope, a blender bottle and a selection of protein powders for his next trip to the gym.

The Oliver Thomas Wonderlust Weekender
This bag holds a ton and features a Secret Stash zippered compartment built into the bottom that’s perfect for dirty clothes.


Designed by celebrity/Victoria's Secret model trainer Stephen Pasterino, the P.ball exercise ball works hard-to-reach muscles in the core, glutes and inner thighs for tone and definition. Elastic bands hold the ball high up in between the thighs, allowing for hundreds of standing and sitting exercises with it on.
$59.99 at pvolve.com

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